Low, Slow, and Soulful

For the past 60 years, Southern California Chicano low riders have looked to the past in order to find the perfect musical mood, sound, and feel when cruising in their vehicles. Just like their classic cars, the sweet melodies and delicate harmonies from “old school” R&B records have become timeless as they are still widely appreciated in Chicano Culture today.

As a musical genre, oldies can touch anyone right in the heart.  Here are some of my favorite songs that have that low ‘n’ slow romantic vibe.

  1. We Go Together- The Royal Jesters

From San Antonio, Texas, The Royal Jesters made young couples swoon over their songs all across the Alamo City in the 1960s by playing their doo-wop love songs at slow dances. Sometimes I really wish I weren’t a millennial.


2. La La (Means I Love You)- The Delfonics

This Delfonics’ hit is known for being a famous dedication love song worldwide. Across the nation, It’s notoriously requested on Art Laboe’s “Love Connection” satellite radio show. It’s also my dad’s choice of song to my mom.


3. Me and You- Brenton Wood

At the age of 79, Brenton Wood is still performing his cherished classics in full-on zoot suits across Chicano communities throughout Los Angeles. The San Pedro native has won me over with his voice that always gets me grooving from side to side.


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